About Us

Distributor of all baby essentials.

We receive clothing, prams, cots, toys, and other baby goods. We then give/donate these to baby homes, underprivileged families, imprisoned moms with babies, hospitals, and moms in need, etc.

Help us to be the helping hands that can make a difference - one baby at a time.

“for it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Partners & Sponsors

Hands of Hope - Gives a child a future.

Hands of Hope started as a volunteer at Ubuntu Halfway House in June 2014 and realized how big of a problem & reality it is (abandoned babies) and how little human rights these "unwanted" babies have and how little to nothing our government supports them & their care givers. They decided to launch a facebook page "Hands Of Hope" to create awareness - how many babies are abandoned on a daily basis. "Hands Of Hope" has taken off, we have supplied over Thirty Halfway Houses / Safe Houses / Kangaroo Moms with Frequent donations and create big awareness in the Western Cape, my HOPE Is that HANDS OF HOPE is exposed through the right channels and we can increase the amount of babies & caregivers we help.

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Want to become a Partner or Sponsor?
How to get involve:
  • 1. Spread the Word
  • 2. Become a Drop Off point Volunteer in your area.
  • 3. Assist by being a Knitter/Crochet or Sewing Volunteer. Join a wattsup group
  • 4. Volunteer to drop off Baby Goods in your area.
  • 5. Become a Partner or Sponsor.
  • 6. Be a Prayer Warrior for us.
  • We supply Baby Goods to moms in Hospitals, Safety Homes, Prison moms & moms on street, we have a passion for unprivileged babies. At the moment woman all over South Africa is knitting Premature baby goods & donating towards our "Winter Baby Project" We would like to donate Old Age Homes/Schools with wool so they can assist in our noble cause. We distribute Baby Kangaroo Material Wraps to various hospitals as our "Kangaroo Drive". We ask individuals & businesses to get involve & join hands as a Sponsor to make an even greater, more positive difference in our babies in South Africa. Please let me know if you be interested in assisting us, contact Elza Beacham on 0843430264 or email littlefavouredones@gmail.com. Contact